Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Taxation Credits and Rebates - Filtration Savings - Insurance

Renewable Energy! Readers’ notes: Since we too hate monopolies and the high cost of standard utilities why not be self reliant and get a Perfect….return on investment! Own your own renewable energy farm. Being a farmer and understanding the cost of harvest makes hydroponics a sensible solution. Whether it is just a hobby or a sincere need to grow your own food, adding hydroponics to your power solution is a great idea! Thanks…

Direct Slab or Rooftop Mount

Energy grid adaptation with access to additional eco buyback programs

Tax credits: Individuals, Business

(Optional – **Private Network Access (PNA) with video conferencing dashboard)

*Coming soon software with real-time money back counting on utility savings/earnings

Sizes 4X6, 10X10, Custom

Solar – Only Solar with PNA**

Solar, Standalone generator

Solar, Standalone generator, light post

Solar, Standalone generator, light post, water filtration

Solar, hydroponics

Solar, Standalone generator, light post, water filtration, hydroponics and optional PNA

Do you or your Home Owners Association (HOA) need a reliable alternative to the customary utilities? Call for a quotation or email us

New Smart technology - Water filtration for fracking projects used successfully in Appalachian regions. Need solutions, call for details.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA)

Do you provide services to the Federal Government? Most workers are required to attend a specific certified safety training for onsite and visiting contractors. Brawand Purvis LLC has partnered with longtime technology-construction certified experts to provide OUR customers with quick one stop planning.

This training has a (10) person minimum with or without (First Aid)(YRGE) – 1 to 2 day’s required

OSHA 10 and General Industry

OSHA 30 General Industry

We will plan the event at your requested location making it EASY!

*First Aid Health Courses: American Heart Association First Aid, CPR & AED, Bloodborne Pathogens, Basic Life Support of Healthcare Providers. (*Can be tailored to your needs)

Is your workplace a safe environment? Why not get up to GREEN! Go Green with “Your Role Green Environment Training” (YRGE) An 8 hour safety course

SAVE MONEY…do you need a plan to reduce your business insurance? Our OSHA partner will help you set up the perfect plan.

Fracking - OSHA MSHA - Changes in our earth?

Credit: U.S. Geological Survey Department of the Interior/USGS