Member of the National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators.

Brawand Purvis LLC uses technology of the future to retain documents securely. A priceless investment.

December 2018 - IRS Tax Reform Due Diligence.

February 2019 - Immigration USCIS medical certification updates for Disability Exceptions N-648.

February 2019 - Carolina Country Club in Raleigh NC - Capital Investment Companies sponsored a lovely luncheon along with Prudential, OneAmerica and American Equity CE Seminar. A special ”thank you” to David Puckett for the invite - Lincoln Financial for the CE’s. Marshall, it was great meeting you!

March 2019 - McKimmon Center - Raleigh - Wake County GOP Convention Executive Committee - Precinct Chair Selections - Special guest NC State Treasurer Dale Folwell.

March 2019 - NC State University - Maximizing Social Security

March 2019 - IRS - Understanding Tax Relief for Disasters

March 2019 - BSA - FBAR E-Filing - International accounting

March 2019 - NCGOP - Lisa - Precinct Chair with Ozie Polite Co-chair. We are ready to get busy here in Raleigh with some great new technology. Thank you to a Democrat from NY for helping us to get up and running. Really exciting for 01-32! Thanks to all our volunteers that make things fun. See y'all in Charlotte next month for the delegate meeting.

April 2019 - CCC Raleigh - Marshall, Sherif and Chris (MIT) Oakridge Royalties. Always like to hang with members if the TX Petroleum Club. Thanks for lunch and good luck with that spin class m.

April 2019 - Dave Consolino - Preferred Capital Securities - Charlotte NC - Wonderful approach for client investments. I just love local investment that my clients can see!

This Summer 2018 - You could get that special invite to meet our financial advisor for our Private Network. Umstead - coming soon - our super secret meeting. Why not have a unique portfolio with ”real” people.

April 2019 - Detroit - Business and pleasure - Organic Farming for Profit - Mr. Tyson always great to talk to a farmer - Good luck on that Canadian harvesting equipment hope you had a great trip.

May 2019 - Penneco Oil Pittsburgh PA - always nice to meet Penn State Grads and to find out more about gas and oil fracking. Water filtration is seriously important not to mention cost reduction solutions for PA locals.

May 2019 - Downtown Austin real estate - Commercial office building exploration O-Zone prospects.

June 2019 - Charlotte NC - NC GOP - Delegate vote for Chair Mike Whatley and Miriam Chu! Senator Burgin it was also a pleasure discussing your seniors platform.

June 2019 NC WCGOP Executive Meeting at NCGOP Office Hillsborough St., Raleigh.

June 2019 - Raleigh - HUD Affordable Housing Survey - Atlanta GA Regional Office.

July 2019 - Private investments Gas and Oil - Umstead - Cary NC. Special thank you to NYC guest speaker geologist, MIT grad, Chris Miller. Thanks Marshall (Cap Invest).

July 2019 - Raleigh - Wake County Board of Elections New Bern - New voting machine training. Loved the new building!

August 2019 - Raleigh Rescue Mission - James Lee helping our community - Don’t forget to get out that checkbook for those tax deductions!

August 2019 - USCIS Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Program - upcoming EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program update.

September 2019 - USCIS EB5 Investor Program changes - minimum investment 1.8ml - TEA increase from 500k to 900k 11-21-2019. No district office reporting. Access to office, residence visits for interviews. Approved apps intact filed prior to 09-30-2019 will remain. Target areas approved by DHS only. Personally, we have a lovely array of ozones available...just saying. - I829 - I526.

October 2019 - 01-32 Met the Hurricanes mascot pig Hamilton along with Raleigh’s new Mayor, Mary Ann Baldwin. Thanks for my sports history lesson. Congrats! Remember to love those farmers!

October 2019 - CCC Raleigh, lovely dinner with a special Thank You to Dave at Preferred Apartment Communities (PAC) - Charlotte office. Very excited to see some youngsters there. Love the art here...

October 2019 - NC GOP Raleigh regional office - Get out the Black Vote - Vote Republican!! New committee for ”choice” of Charter Schools in NC coming in January to educate the community on National School Choice Week. Keep a lookout for this event!

October 2019 - Duke University, Better Angels speakers on Depolarizing America - ”We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory...will yet swell the chorus of the union when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.” Abraham Lincoln, 1861